Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Staff Picks - Sam Saliba

If you ever have wondered what products "The Fun Guys"  love to work with but never had the chance to find out, you are in luck!

We interviewed sales staff, buyers, warehouse and greenhouse staff and even a few individuals that we aren't totally sure what they do to find out which products they are most passionate about.

Salesman Sam Saliba...believes in products that perform well week after week. This trust is reverberated with each phone call he makes and if you can catch him at his desk while not on the phone you should go out and buy a lottery ticket because you have stumbled upon a rarity.

Flower fads with fancy names and new vendors with colorful boxes come and go.  They have to earn their place on Sam's list of favorite items.  Once they make "the cut", his loyalty knows no bounds.

"Consistency beats any flash in the pan product with me every time."

 1: Freedom Roses from Vizcaya (Sagaro & Las Flores). "Year in and year out they are the most consistent." 

2: Alstromeria from Gardens America; "(They have) the biggest flowers and a nice assortment."

3: Carnations from Golden Flowers. "Every week they provide us with the biggest flowers and the best packaging."

4: Purple Mini Carnations from Direct Farms. "Very consistent, nice cut stage."

5: Viking Poms from Tahami, "(are) another consistent performer with nice long breaks too."

You can reach Sam at extension 212 or you can email him by clicking on his name here.  Stay tuned to see which of "The Fun Guys" will be next in the Staff Picks series!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bargain Hunters Take Notice

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