Monday, April 15, 2013

Staff Picks - Gerry Gutto


We interviewed sales staff, buyers, warehouse and greenhouse staff and even a few individuals that we aren't totally sure what they do to find out which products they are most passionate about.

Gerry Gutto a leading example of outstanding work ethic.  The only photos we have of Gerry show him busy making calls.  He brings insight and a natural curiosity into everything he does.

One of his strengths is is determination to painstakingly ensure that each customer interaction is followed through to the very end.

Outshining Gerry's flower knowledge is a tall order; he takes the time to learn about every new item before selling them.  We recently had opportunity to interrupt his full schedule to ask about some of his favorites.  Here is what he had to say:

White Atlantis Daisy"Gardens America is my favorite.  This grower provides the most consistent quality you could ever see when comparing these daisies to the others on the market.  This also happens to be my wife's favorite flower."

Sunflowers "You can't go wrong with these any time of year. I would recommend either the lemon shade with a dark center or gold petals with a light center."

Hydrangea - "Regularly available in white,blue and mini green; Seagroatt Riccardi, LTD. sources the premium grade hydrangea that is not only larger than the competition but lasts longer in an arrangement."

Ginestra - "If you’re looking for something different to add to your arrangement you may want to consider our ginestra. It has a nice flow to it, and comes in a variety of colors from Italy or California."

Fillers - "...are coming into season! This means better quality, quantity, and availability. It’s a great time of year for flowers.”

You can reach Gerry at extension 205 or you can email him by clicking on his name here.
Stay tuned to see which of "The Fun Guys" will be next in the Staff Picks series!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Notes from the 'Hands On' Design Class

Earlier this week we held a design class sponsored by Fitz Design, Floracraft, Berwick, and Seagroatt Riccardi, LTD.. 

The Designer/Educator was Joyce Mason-Monheim AIFD, CFD, PFCI, AzMF, who brought with her some of her expert design tips and ideas. For those of you that may have been unable to attend the event, we have below one of the pieces she shared with us as well as the “ingredients” that went into the making of this elegant bracelet.

A special thank you to Gretchen Squires from Schrade’s Posie Peddler, Inc. in Saratoga, NY for contributing her bracelet for this article.

1x - Boronia

1x - Geo Flash Bracelet from Fitz Design
-          This is a special order item, your salesperson will be happy to assist you with these or explore our Wedding & Corsage section for alternative ideas!

For more information regarding the products above, including pricing and availability, please visit our website or contact your salesperson today!  Stay tuned for more notes from the class and be sure to sign up for the next event early!